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Please note: The primary purpose of this article is to provide valuable and honest information. I may receive a commission if you click a link and make a purchase. However, this does not affect the opinions expressed. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to create enough income to quit your job. In this post, I review the top affiliate marketing training programs.

Seasoned affiliate marketers, like John Crestani, earn over $100,000 per month, but there are also countless would-be affiliate marketers who have lost more money than they’ve earned.

Although the concept of affiliate marketing (earning a commission by selling other people’s products) is a simple one, there is much to learn. If you’re serious about earning $1000 or more per month with affiliate marketing, you should seek the guidance of successful marketers.

Today I want to discuss the best affiliate training programs available. The one you choose will depend largely on your income and life-style goals.

1. John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System

Crestani has had a remarkable career. Despite humble beginnings, he eventually cracked the affiliate marketing code and was featured in a Forbes Magazine article titled “How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A $500K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World“.

This is John’s income for last year:

John Crestani’s Income

John teaches an aggressive approach to affiliate marketing, using Facebook advertising, that is not necessarily for the weak of heart, but is the way to truly achieve financial independence.

For those concerned about risking money on paid advertising, John shows you how to get $900 worth of free advertising to get you started.

In John’s free training, he reveals 7 mistakes that most affiliate marketers make:

  1. Not targeting the right audience.
  2. Not building recurring revenue.
  3. Not using a “swipe file” (tested & proven ads).
  4. Getting hung-up on technical issues.
  5. Not using professionally-built “presell” pages.
  6. Not using free money (to advertise).
  7. Not advertising internationally.

Here’s a sample of John Crestani’s free training:

A portion of John Crestani’s free affiliate marketing training

John’s free training is great, but of course he also offers paid training where he will work directly with you. Here’s what is included:

  • 6-Week Affiliate Training Course, taught by John Crestani
  • Complete Ready-to-launch Affiliate Campaigns in all major niches
  • Weekly live workshops with John himself
  • Membership in his Private Facebook Group
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

The satisfaction guarantee works like this — if you implement his training and don’t earn at least enough money to cover the cost of his training, you receive a complete refund.

2. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate, founded in 2005 by marketers Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon, is one of the most respected affiliate training programs out there with well over 100,000 members.

Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon

Wealthy Affiliate’s “tried and true” approach is rock solid, though maybe not quite as exciting — or as risky — as what John Crestani teaches. Essentially, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to earn affiliate commissions through writing a blog.

The Wealthy Affiliate website includes an impressive collection of resources — virtually everything you would need to go from being a complete newbie with no knowledge to an experiences blogger earning hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in recurring income.

They even teach you how to sell your website if that’s a route you’d like to take. I recently saw someone announce that they had sold their website for $40,000.

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is the huge community of people who help each other out. Post any question and it will likely get answered within minutes.

Here’s a portion of the “Get Rolling!” introduction to Wealthy Affiliate.

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

You can join Wealthy Affiliate at zero cost here. They also offer a premium plan that includes live weekly workshops.

3. Affilorama

Affilorama, founded by Mark Ling in 2006, has a 300,000 plus following, and has an excellent reputation.

Mark Ling

Affiliorama, like Wealthy Affiliate, teaches you how to earn a passive affiliate income through content marketing. Affilorama also offers both free and premium memberships.

Affilorama’s free training is a little better than Wealthy Affiliate’s free training. Here’s a small example:

Example of Affilorama’s free training

However, if you’re trying to decide between the two programs, I would have to recommend Wealthy Affiliate over Affilorama. Why? Because at the premium levels, Wealthy Affiliate offers considerably better training and resources, and at a lower cost.

The Bottom Line

If you’re serious about making money online (and in a completely ethical way that really helps people) I strongly recommend John Crestani’s training.

On the other hand, If you prefer a more conservative approach, check out Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll be on your way to earning a passive income that can make a difference in you and your family’s lives.

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